Why 95% of Developers Are Using .NET Wrong

Things I’ve learned in the past 15 years

Alex Maher


Every developer has come across .NET. It’s everywhere, and for a good reason. It’s backed by Microsoft and has proven its worth time and again.But here’s something to think about: many developers aren’t using it to its full potential. They know the basics but miss out on the deeper features.

So, what’s missing, and how can you be among the top 5% who truly understand .NET? Let’s find out.

Sticking to the Basics Too Long

Every developer has a starting point, and for many, it’s the foundational knowledge of .NET. But what if the basics were just the tip of the iceberg?

Most developers use it for crafting applications, be it web, mobile, or desktop. But while many are content with its basic functionalities, they often overlook the advanced features and best practices.

Imagine building a house. Using only the basics is like constructing only the frame. It stands, but it’s not a home. Diving deeper into .NET can add the walls, the roof, and the intricate details that transform it into a masterpiece.

For those ready to move beyond the frame, Microsoft’s official documentation is your next step.

Overlooking Cross-Platform Capabilities

.NET Core isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a revolution. It breaks the chains, allowing developers to reach users across platforms.

But many developers still focus predominantly on Windows, missing out on the potential of cross-platform development.

Bridging the Gap

Take “TechFlow Inc.”, a startup that initially targeted only Windows users. After embracing .NET Core, they expanded their user base by 300%, reaching audiences they never thought possible.

A 2022 survey by DevTech Review found that 60% of businesses chose .NET Core specifically for its cross-platform capabilities. This allowed them to target a broader audience without the need for multiple codebases.

Reasons businesses chose .NET Core:

  • Cross-platform capabilities: 60%



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