The Crazy Future of .NET Revealed

A secret project from Microsoft.

Alex Maher


So, have you heard about .NET Aspire?

It’s this new thing from Microsoft, and it’s pretty cool for anyone into building apps that work across different systems and devices. They’ve been working on it for around six months, keeping it under wraps until recently.

.NET 8 brought tons of new things, and some, were unexpected.

Lets’ dive in!

What Exactly Is .NET Aspire?

Okay, so imagine you’re making an app that needs to work smoothly over different networks and computers. It can be a headache, right? .NET Aspire is designed to make this way easier. It’s all about making apps that are ready for the cloud and easy to keep an eye on.

Let’s break it down

  • Cloud-Ready and Observability: It’s built for the cloud and makes your apps easy to observe and manage.
  • Microservice Friendly: Perfect for apps made of many small, connected parts.
  • Service Rich: Great for apps that use lots of services like databases and caching.
  • Orchestration Made Easy: It streamlines running and connecting multi-project apps and their dependencies.
  • Ready-Made Components: Comes with NuGet packages for common services, ensuring smooth integration.
  • User-Friendly Tooling: Offers templates and tools in Visual Studio and dotnet CLI for creating and managing .NET Aspire apps.

Learning from the Past

Before .NET Aspire, Microsoft had this thing called Project Tye. It was like a practice run. .NET Aspire takes what worked from Project Tye but focuses more on making and running the apps, not just deploying them.

Why .NET Aspire Rocks

  1. Easy Integration: Simplifies how different parts of your app work together.
  2. Developer-Friendly: Made to be user-friendly, helping you fix issues easily.
  3. Visual Studio Compatibility: Works great with Visual Studio, but other tools work too.
  4. Auto Configuration: Smart enough…



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