10 AI tools in 2023 to supercharge your productivity

Alex Maher
8 min readFeb 20, 2023


Tome AI is a collaborative artificial intelligence app that can help users create compelling narratives in a variety of formats. By typing in a prompt, users can generate entire narratives or create additional content pages within seconds. The app also includes a DALL·E 2 tile that can create tailor-made images to bring users’ ideas to life.

The app offers frictionless creation and magic design, allowing users to focus on their ideas while the app takes care of the rest. The app includes drag-and-drop creation, responsive pages, and one-click themes, making it easy for users to align content and apply brand colors.

Tome AI also includes live, interactive content from the web, letting users embed anything they want in one place. The app also features native video recording, which allows users to add a personal touch to their stories or talk through a nuanced point.

Tome AI is ideal for a range of use cases, including product and design reviews, company strategy, customer education, and sales decks and pitches. The app can help users share complex ideas and control the narrative, featuring all of their work in one place and in full fidelity. The app is suitable for product management, design, and engineering.

Altered AI

Altered AI is a unique technology that enables users to create compelling professional voice performances. With its carefully curated portfolio of voices or custom voice options, users can change their voice to create engaging multi-character performances.

Altered Studio is a free tool that allows users to drive an entire multi-character production on their own, rendering hi-res synthetic speech that is indistinguishable from…



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